Saturday Feb 9 2019

Toledo Bend

1st place----Eddie Dillow 4.06 lbs

2nd place----Charlie Watts 3.31 lbs

Saturday & Sunday Feb 17,18, 2018 Lake Sam Rayburn

1st place--Charlie Watts with15.37 lbs

  2nd place--Jon Gipson with 8.68 lbs

3rd place Gayland Heard with 8.49 lbs

4th place--Bill Watts with 6.62 lbs

5th place--Eddie Dillow with 4.58 lbs

6th place--Ed Burwell with 4.5 lbs

7th--Jim Brady with 4.06 lbs

1st Big Bass goes to Charlie Watts with  4.11 lbs

2nd Big Bass Goes to Eddie Dillow with 2.6lbs

Saturday May 12 2018

Richland Chambers

1st place----Bill Watts 9.9 lbs

2nd place----Eddie Dillow 8.89 lbs

3rd place----Charles Watts 6.55 lbs

4th place---Gayland Heard 3.43 lbs

5th place---Nathan Perdue 3.08 lbs

1st big bass----Bill Watts 6.65 lbs

2nd big bass---Charles Watts 4.93 lbs

Saturday October 12-13, 2018 Bastrop/Fayette


1st place--Charlie Watts with 14.65 lbs

  2nd place-- Jim Brady with 10.93 lbs

3rd place-- Gayland Heard with 8.76 lbs

4th place--Jon Gipson with 8.19 lbs

5th place--Eddie Dillow with 4.88 lbs

6th place--Jim Hammond with 2.63 lbs

7th--Steve Haverin with 1.94 lbs

7th-- Bill Watts 1.94 lbs

1st Big Bass goes to Jim Brady with 7 lbs

2nd Big Bass goes to Gayland Heard with4.13 lbs


1st place-- Bill Watts with 17 lbs

2nd place-- Jim Hammond with 12.48 lbs

3rd place--Gayland Heard with 11.32 lbs

4th place-- Charlie Watts with 2.38 lbs

1st Big Bass goes to Jim Hammond with 3.75 lbs

2nd Big Bass goes to Bill Watts with 3.63 lbs

Saturday Jan 26 2019 Fayette

Fayette 1/26/2019:

1st Place--- Gayland Heard with 18.14lbs

2nd Place---Charlie Watts with 17.02lbs

3rd Place Jim Hammond with 15.2lbs

4th Place Bill Watts with 14.28lbs

5th Place Ed Burwell with 14lbs

6th Place Leo Rojo with 12.11lbs

7th Place Eddie Dillow with 11.38lbs

8th Place Steve Haverin with 10.58lbs

9th Place John Nemecek with 10.33lbs

10th Place Clyde Williams with 7.81lbs

11th Place Travis Gipson with 6.5lbs

12th Place Bob Bolek with 6.07lbs

13th Place Chad Legros with 3.94lbs

14th Place Jon Gipson with 2.25lbs

1st Big Bass---Travis Gipson with 6.5lbs

2nd Big Bass---Two way tie with 5.19lbs

Jim Hammond & Brad Page


Nacogdoches: May 19 2018
1st place--  Charlie Watts with 25.45 lbs
2nd place-- Gayland Heard with 21.76 lbs
3rd place-- Bill Watts with 19.82lbs
4th place-- Jim Hammond with 11.56 lbs
5th place-- Jim Brady with 9.88 lbs
6th place-- Ed Burwell with 5.19 lbs
7th place-- Jon Gipson with 2.38 lbs
8th place-- Leonard Moore with 1.56 lbs

1st Big Bass Charlie Watts with 9.56 lbs
2nd Big Bass Bill Watts with 5.19 lbs

Naconiche: May 20 2018
1st place--  Bill Watts with 14.95 lbs
2nd place-- Gayland Heard with 11.82 lbs
3rd place-- Charlie Watts with 7.13 lbs
4th place-- Stever Haverin with 1.94 lbs
5th place-- JanePetersen with 1.88 lbs
6th place-- Jim Hammond with1.56 lbs

1st Big Bass Bill Watts with 7.63 lbs

2nd Big Bass Charlie Watts with  5.38 lbs

Saturday April 6 2019


     1st place----Nathan Perdue 8.89 lbs

      2nd place----Gayland Heard 8.27 lbs

3rd place----Bill Watts  5.3.9 lbs

4th place---- Ed Burwell 2.25lbs

1st Big Bass---- Nathan Perdue 7.15lbs

2nd Big Bass---- Bill Watts 3.75lbs

Saturday March 10 2018


1 Bill (5) for 18.31 lbs      
2 Charlie (5) for 17.64 lbs
3 Nathan Perdue (5) for 13.96 lbs
4 Ed Burwell (5) for 13.32 lbs
5 Gayland Heard (5) for 13.14 lbs
6 Cody Vaughn (5) for 10.07 lbs
7Jim Hammond (3) for 7.7 lbs
8 Steve Haverin (3) for 7.26 lbs
9 Clyde Williams (2) for 6.19 lbs
10 John Gibson (2) for 5.57 lbs
11 Jim Brady (2) for 4.56 lbs

1st Big Bass Bill Watts with 4.81 lbs
2nd Big Bass Charlie Watts with 4.13 lbs

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